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JUST RIDE 5  is rooted in the lure of the wide-open road that draws the soul to throttle through whatever twists and turns life brings.  A bad mood? Just ride.  A good mood?  Just ride. A break up? Just ride. Need to quiet the brain? Just ride.   The powerful satisfaction a good ride brings is your reward for being you.  There is always a good reason to just get out and ride. It's the anecdote to everyday life.

WHY 5?

The number five in JUST RIDE 5 doesn't just symbolize the five gears we shift through on a motorcycle..(okay, yes..sometimes 6 gears, but five of them are UP while only one of them is DOWN).  Or the high five we give one another after the kickstands go down. There's also a  deeper meaning and spiritual reverence to the number five in JustRide5's founder, Jenn Guerriero's heart. 

In the tarot, the number five card (the Hierophant) symbolizes peace and harmony - that Zen-like feeling that comes over you out on the road.  And in numerology, the number five signifies motion, travel and adventure.  All five senses are aroused when riding: sight, sound, smell touch and even taste (damn bugs).  And lets not forget the five senses of the soul:  intuition, peace, foresight, trust and empathy.

But the most meaningful of all for the number five is in loving memory of Jenn's late brother, Michael.  He was the fifth child in her family (of 6 kids).  As the baby of the family, Jenn looked up to her big brother. Mike taught Jenn a lot as her closest brother in age, but most special was how to ride a motorcycle.   Wherever he'd go on the bike, she would follow. When he started to race motocross, she was right behind him and found herself to be one of the first girls in her community to enter the sport.  

Fastforward 30 years later.  Jenn went back on a bike and is loving every minute of it.  She feels  his presence watching over her in the form of an angel.  There's no place she connects more to his loving spirit than when she just rides.  As he always used to say "Go Big...Or Go Home"!!!


The rise in the numbers of women motorcyclists reflects a broadening demographic to the industry.  New riders are driven by the belief  "I can do anything I put my mind to".   Move over obstacles, oppression and glass ceiling.  And hold on tight, we're breaking through all of it.  We're more empowered today than we've ever been. Today's female riders aren't satisfied with taking a backseat.  On the bike, in the boardroom or anywhere.  We demand more choices in what's been offered in a male-dominated world.  We've arrived.  And more choices in motorcycling apparel are in demand.  

Besides a fresh new look for female riders, we offer substance.  JustRide5 tops are performance-driven, just like the powerful engines of the bikes women who don them like to ride.  They're form-fitting but offer generous stretch for comfort and mobility.

Each design is an artisan representation of riding in the world of nature that surrounds us every day.